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‘TechCard Make and Create’ 120+ parts. Eco model making pack. Make models that move! Ideal for young inventors. Creative and fun. Great for home school, STEM + STEAM. Age 6+. No batteries. No plastic parts. 100% recyclable.

A mixed pack of unique building components, including bases, wheels and axles, girders and beams, from the TechCard construction system.

Screen time to making time! Includes access to FREE WEBSITE with downloadable instructions and building tips on how to build lots of models.

Build up to TEN of the example MODELS including cars, trucks, mechanical toys and puppets…or design and make your own!

High quality preformed sturdy card parts are easy to cut, fold, glue and decorate to create fun moving models. Can also be used with upcycled packaging.

Simple tools such as a pencil, ruler, scissors and PVA glue are all that’s needed, plus some simple materials like card, paper and string.


TechCard is a low cost eco model building system used in schools around the world and now available to use at home!

TechCard is a simple set of components made from simple materials that build into working models. This 128 part pack of mixed components includes bases, beams and girders, and wheels and axles that can be assembled into an endless range of entertaining mechanical models.

The unique TechCard elements are made from high quality sturdy card which is perforated and scored for easy folding. The accurate grid of holes makes it easy to align axles and wheels. Components are easy to cut, colour and stick together, and require few tools and little building experience.

Our free website features instructions to build lots of models as well as tips on how to use TechCard. Instructions are also downloadable. We are happy to share photos of your model building on our website, Instagram and social media.

TechCard is really GREEN! Card parts are made from lined recycled board and wood axles sustainably sourced from managed woodland. TechCard parts are 100% recyclable. NO PLASTIC PARTS! TechCard is also great to combine with upcycled packaging to bring junk models to life with working wheels, linkages and levers. The kits are made in the UK reducing transport costs.

Play and Learn! TechCard offers a ‘hands-on’ approach to investigating key topics in the KS1 and KS2 science and design technology curriculums exploring structures, mechanisms and forces. ‘Making’ makes learning memorable and fun!

Ideal for STEM and STEAM groups, home schooling and home educators, Montessori and Steiner schooling, after school clubs, scouts, cubs, guides and beaver groups, playgroup activities, summer camps and maker workshops…and party bags! Build on your own or share with friends and family. Use TechCard to set up Zoom workshops to build models and investigate technology – especially during lock-down periods.

TechCard is also available in large kits and packs for school use. Please email for details. As well as our educational kits, TechCard has also been used previously in a successful range of retail construction kits including a series selected by the London Science Museum.

Learning Objectives: KS1+2 – Science and Design Technology curriculums: building simple structures, making simple mechanisms. 3D model building develops dexterity, creativity and imagination. Builds making skills ie. planning, careful measurement, use of tools and evaluating. Develops spacial awareness and mechanical understanding. 


TechCard Create and Make Pack contents:

8 x TechCard Strips

6 x TechCard Girders

8 x TechCard Beams

6 x TechCard Bases

4 x TechCard Big Bases

40 x 2.5cm discs

8 x 4cm wheels

16 x 5cm wheels

6 x 6cm wheels

Axles: 2 x 30cm, 4 x 20, 8 x 10cm, 12 x 5cm

Leaflet with free website information

Pack total = 128 parts (100% recyclable – no plastic parts)

Comes in a card storage box.

A pencil, ruler, scissors and PVA glue are needed. Some models require string or a balloon. Paper clips are handy if you have them.


Warning: Not a toy. For use under adult supervision. 

Warning: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.